Happy 100th Birthday, Bill Finger, thanks for giving us THE BATMAN!


Happy 100th Birthday, Bill Finger, thanks for giving us THE BATMAN!



Lizzy Stewart. 

Dr. Mario | NES 1990


Dr. Mario | NES 1990


The good gang at Abrams Books sent us an advance copy, and it sure is terrific. You’ll want to buy two: one to keep in book form and one to yank apart to spruce up those drab walls of yours (it worked for us).


Last year, Rick Blanco from Cartoon Network asked me if I would be interested in contributing to an Adventure Time poster book that was in the works.  He said that the only catch was that I would have to contribute something that wasn’t in “show style”….  Jeeeez.  Show style is sort of what I do.  And maybe I like to hide behind that kind of stuff when doing professional work. Secret feelingssssss.

I ended up doing it and CN/Abrams liked the final image enough to make it the cover!

The image was inspired by quite a few things.

So yeah, my image is a poor man’s version of the above inspiration. A very very poor man.

Also! I posted my initial comps that I presented as ideas that I wanted to explore. People like seeing that kind of stuff right?  Sort of all over the place….  The one that’s just line I was gonna go bonkers with the color… but comping it in only black and white line was probably the worst way to sell it.  haha.

Pre-order the book here!!! It’s big and came out awesome.


How October Jones Passes Time on the Train

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The Truth about 1961:

Betty Kane wasn’t Cat-Girl. She was always Bat-Girl. In her first adventure, she helped Batman, Robin, and Batwoman take down King Cobra and the Cobra Gang.

Now For 2 Truths and A Lie. The Year in 1962:

  • Green Arrow joined the JLA and the five members of the team shared with him and Snapper Carr their origin, which included the aliens from the planet Appellax. 
  • Aquaman finally owned his own title after appearing more than 20 years earlier. In his first title Aquaman and Aqualad fought against Fire-Trolls who came from an underwater volcanic eruption. The duo defeated them by freezing and shrinking them with the help of Superman and the Atom.
  • Green Lantern had his first taste of the sapphire light of love when he first squared away against Star Sapphire. The Zamarons chose Carol Farris as their queen because she looked like their past ruler and was charged to prove herself against Green Lantern. When Carol lost the Zamarons took away her powers and her memories of them.




Me: *notices the song* Oh my god no you didn’t…. 
*video continues* 
me: You fucking didn’t….! 
*song starts*